Why the New Name?

The Dilemma

It was 17 years ago that Christian Financial Principles was born, with a vision of helping Christians build wealth in a Biblically-responsible manner. Early on, we realized one big obstacle with our name: it was confusing! The name “Christian Financial Principles” had people asking us, “What exactly do you do?” Many people were wrongly assuming we handled debt reduction, budget counseling, or some sort of church finances. Never did anyone assume we handled investments and financial planning advice. This is what sent us seeking a name that would adequately represent our mission. It may have taken us 17 years to finally make it happen, but we are excited about the new name!

The Meaning

So, why did we choose “StrongTower Wealth Management?” The “wealth management” part was pretty simple as it tells what we do. Wealth management directs people’s thoughts to investments and financial planning needs. What about the “StrongTower” part of our name? We have drawn from verses in both Proverbs and Psalms where the Lord is referred to as a Strong Tower. At first glance, one might assume that we are portraying ourselves as strong and enduring. Quite the contrary, however. We realize there is no security in money or possessions, as that comes from Christ alone. We hope to point people to THE Strong Tower. It is our vision and purpose to help our clients to be wise financial stewards by following the principles taught throughout scripture. We want to help our clients to become outstanding financial stewards.

Nothing new / Everything new

In a way, nothing has really changed other than our name and appearance. At the same time, we can’t help but feel a renewed sense of vision and purpose when serving our clients. We are excited about these improvements and are committed to building even more on our fruitful relationships with you. Welcome to the new StrongTower Wealth Management!