of marriages cite finances as their #1 stress
of people give 10% or more to church
of Americans (55-64) have nothing saved for retirement
is the average credit card balance for US families

The numbers aren’t good. Financial stress is crushing both young and old, singles and families. God’s people are suffering and many churches are not fully prepared to take on this battle. It’s no surprise, either. Think about it… where did you learn how to handle money? At school? At home? At church? Sadly, most people admit that they learn from the “school of hard knocks”.

Opportunity Knocks!

This positions the church into a very unique and opportunistic place today. We can be the ones who deliver God’s truth to bring healing and growth to a world of financially-hurting people.

Fortunately, God has provided answers all throughout scripture. We have been provided with the guidance needed to develop a “stewardship culture” within the church today. These principles can take people from stressed to free, broke to independent, or worldly to generous. We can become outstanding stewards by applying Biblical wisdom and practical tools!

of Jesus’ parables spoke to the subject of finances
verses in the Bible are related to money and possessions

The StrongTower Solution

Let us speak to your church, business, event or organization. This is our passion and we are committed to bringing you scripturally-sound, practical, life-changing content. Whether you need one half-hour sermon or a 4 day series, we are ready to partner with you.



Our materials are built on scripture as the foundation. When teaching topically, you must be very careful not to take God’s Word out of context.

The Heart

We may be teaching about money, but at the heart of the matter is… well, the heart. Our emotions and our spiritual maturity are often what determine our financial condition.


We’ve been doing this for a long time. Our ministry outreach begin over 17 years ago. We have taught at churches, seminaries, pastor conferences, marriage retreats, and more.


Need a Sunday evening service? Fine. Sunday morning? No problem. Prefer a 2-day seminar? That’s good too! We can custom tailor a program that fits your needs.


It’s more than just teaching a few financial tips. The goal is to help people obtain a holistic Biblical worldview. This is the only way you can truly impact culture on a deep level.


We do NOT sell anything at these seminars. We are here to teach God’s Word and provide practical advice to educate your attendees. Our ministry is designed to teach, not sell products.

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