Are you fearless?

Am I OK?

Have you stopped to ask that simple question? Planning for financial success is complicated due to inflation, various types of risks, and all of the “moving parts” in the financial world. This leaves many of us wondering, “Am I OK?” Am I doing the right things? Am I on track for financial independence? Will I run out of money in my retirement years? All of these worries can make you feel helpless.


Am I saving enough for retirement?


Will I outlive my money?


Will my family be ok when I’m gone?


Can we afford a quality education?

YOU are at the center of our “StrongTower Process”. Together, we can chart a course for success that removes the fear from your finances. First, we analyze your current situation to develop your “Financial Scorecard”. Then, we put your hopes, goals, and dreams at center stage of our plan. This provides you with clarity of your current financial status vs where you want to be in the future. Next, we begin charting the course to success. Combine this with powerful forecasting tools and you become empowered to take control of your finances.


The StrongTower Wealth Management process for creating a financial plan for conservative Christian families
StrongTower Wealth Management financial planning software stress test for Christian investors

Remove the Stress

Let us run a “stress test” analysis to accommodate for the most common “what ifs” that could negatively impact our plans. What if social security is less than expected or non-existent? What if taxes go up? What if we live longer than expected? Our process helps remove the worry by addressing these risks head-on.

Want to see a plan in action?

Four Steps to Peace of Mind


The first step is to schedule a free “discovery” meeting with one of our advisors. This is where you learn about us and we learn about you. The goal is to ensure we are a good fit for a win-win relationship. Even in the first meeting, you’ll gain a large amount of clarity about your financial situation.



Now that we know your goals, hopes, and dreams, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work for you. During this phase, it is our responsibility to prepare a plan that meets your goals in the simplest, most tax-efficient, and beneficial way possible.



Once you are thrilled with your financial plan, it is time to start executing the steps necessary to make it all work. We prepare an “Action Steps” list for your family to ensure nothing gets missed. Sometimes a plan can be executed in just a few days. Often, a full financial plan can take years to fully implement. We take on this responsibility for you.



The world is in constant change. This is why the old-school “one and done” financial plans just don’t work. StrongTower commits to adapting your plan over your lifetime to make sure the plan remains relevant. We also adapt the plan to help your heirs take over upon death. A wise plan is flexible and constantly monitored.

Become Fearless

Interested? Let’s talk! Learn about our free “discovery meeting” to get started.