StrongTower on the stock exchange floor!


StrongTower Wealth Management was honored to be a part of the opening bell ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Todd Sadowski (CEO) and Katrina Robertson (CCO) were sent as delegates for the event in New York. They were invited to attends as guests of Timothy Partners, a Christian-screened investment management firm that is launching two new Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) offerings.


HS Firm invited to NYSE bell ringing ceremony

StrongTower Wealth Management, an investment firm based out of Hot Springs, has received the honor of an invitation to the Opening Bell Ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday morning, according to a news release.

StrongTower CEO Todd Sadowski and CCO Katrina Robertson will be present on the NYSE Trading Floor as their long-term business associate Art Ally, president and founder of Timothy Plan, rings the opening bell. Todd and Katrina will be accompanied by their spouses, Holly Sadowski & Shane Robertson.

StrongTower Wealth Management is a faith-based investment firm that serves clients in Arkansas as well as throughout the United States and the International Mission Field. They offer Biblically Responsible Investments that are screened for Christian values. StrongTower is based out of Hot Springs. CEO Todd Sadowski is a three-time winner of the Sentinel Record Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Financial Planner.